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Sinusitus is not the end of the art world!


You may be wondering why I would choose such an odd title for this weeks post…….but relax and grab your raw garlic and pressure point massages videos and sit back at a 45 degree angle to listen.

As I exited last week, I made my first sale of a high end crucifix that you can see at this link….

After enjoying some great conversation with my friend Phil Labadie of Labadie Communications( we brainstormed some other ideas for marketing and side business. I am scheduled to do a screen test for some vocations marketing videos promoting priestly vocations and that is an exciting part of this week, although the snow may put a damper on that until the weather clears for rescheduling….

Soon after that meeting I had a big weekend with the family and then a night out with my bea...

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A Heaven of a Week!


As I enter my first blog post(ever), my mind meanders two and fro trying to decide which words I should use to describe my first week of business and what led up to it. Let’s go with the deep and end up feathery, eh? This first blog post will be far longer than my subsequent ones, so please allow me to be somewhat retrospective.
First, I want to let you know that I was once self employed as a metal artist in May of 1996, after a whirlwind answer to my prayer asking God what I should do with the gifts He gave me as an artist. I made a living for almost 12 years from the month I said that prayer, and it was always centered back to the crucifixion, as that is the first thing I remember drawing as a child and it was the first thing I made with wire...

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