A Heaven of a Week!


As I enter my first blog post(ever), my mind meanders two and fro trying to decide which words I should use to describe my first week of business and what led up to it. Let’s go with the deep and end up feathery, eh? This first blog post will be far longer than my subsequent ones, so please allow me to be somewhat retrospective.
First, I want to let you know that I was once self employed as a metal artist in May of 1996, after a whirlwind answer to my prayer asking God what I should do with the gifts He gave me as an artist. I made a living for almost 12 years from the month I said that prayer, and it was always centered back to the crucifixion, as that is the first thing I remember drawing as a child and it was the first thing I made with wire. God was faithful to my prayer “how can I glorify You, make others happy and if I could make a living that would be great”? Towards the end of this 12 year run, I began choosing to mix up the order of that prayer and ended up falling on my face as an artist, and as a servant of the Most High.
Fast forward to this past 6 years and counting…..
I have known the entire time that God was calling me to make crucifixes for Him, and to make a living doing what He was asking me. I never in a million seconds would have thought that my absolute rebellion and personal selfishness would have lasted 6 years! Thank God it was only six and that after chasing the money trail in the trucking industry, I would find that the money trail was minimal, the time and energy was maximal and that the human body can only flail around so long in the cab of a semi before the back and hips said STOP IT ALREADY! As my time at UPS was ending, my new journey was approaching quickly, and I was finally ready to be obedient to the one I love so dearly, so I decided to take action and show God, my wife, family, friend and clients that I was moving forward like a greased sumo wrestler on a 500 mile long slip n’ slide and you will need EVERYTHING in your power to stop me! And so it began, cleaning out the shop, reorganizing it and putting in lighting that is actually adequate so I could throw out the night vision goggles. 🙂 I built an exhaust hood system to evacuate the metal dust and smoke that my plasma cutter poured out onto everything and placed my new pool table in the corner I never used anyway. (a gift from my boss at UPS) During this arduous and exciting process of action, I finally decided to tell my wife of these plans, cringing as I awaited her response……..(she had heard all of this before). She said she knew that things were different this time because I was doing things like taking videos of my work and posting them online and everything else I was doing that reinforced my words. SHE IS AWESOME!(you should really try one if you get the chance)
During my last week at the job I started reading a book that our priest handed out to every family at Christmas services, maybe 1500 of them? This book has changed the way I pray, live, eat, work, study, drive, speak, walk, love and think. It is helping me to be the best version of myself, which is to be sanctified. Did you want to know the name of it? Okay okay already……The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, by Matthew Kelly. I thank God almighty for this book and that our priest cares enough about his flock that he would be so kind as to provide us with this game changer.
After my job ended I started working, making dozens of crucifixes and trusting that God would supply my needs if I was doing my part and trusting. Four days into my journey, I went to my TMIY(that man is you) meeting of men at St. Marys church in Bellevue, Ne at 530 Friday morning. Little did I know that by staying late and helping clean up, a man that purchased one of my crucifixes ten years prior figured out where he knew me from and thus begins a beautiful relationship that may help my family and business grow by leaps and bounds for the foreseeable future. Thank you Lord Jesus for your great mercies and reassurance in such a time as this. I have a ton of work, and am marketing in many ways, starting with contacting past clients, and using facebook, soon Etsy, ebay, blogging, expanding my website and doing shows asap! If you can think of more ways, let me know, get the word out, and lets make some beautiful art of Jesus to spread the greatest love man has ever known…..namely, God becoming incarnate and giving us His life for our redemption so that we may serve Him and spend eternity with Him! No greater love….Thanks for joining me in this journey of life, and don’t forget, we are all called to be great saints.
Peace to you, David

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