Sinusitus is not the end of the art world!


You may be wondering why I would choose such an odd title for this weeks post…….but relax and grab your raw garlic and pressure point massages videos and sit back at a 45 degree angle to listen.

As I exited last week, I made my first sale of a high end crucifix that you can see at this link….

After enjoying some great conversation with my friend Phil Labadie of Labadie Communications( we brainstormed some other ideas for marketing and side business. I am scheduled to do a screen test for some vocations marketing videos promoting priestly vocations and that is an exciting part of this week, although the snow may put a damper on that until the weather clears for rescheduling….

Soon after that meeting I had a big weekend with the family and then a night out with my beautiful wife Lyn to the musical coffee house of Terry Little, what fun!

On Sunday something hit me that I was not quite ready for since I had never experienced a sinus infection. This infection was giving me an ache in my left upper jaw that would make Jaws cringe! I was looking for a hammer, but figured that raw garlic, oil of oregano, oil of grapefruit seed, paper wrapped cumin inhaling, pressure point massaging, steam baths, organic apple cider vinegar and a whole bunch of water and lot of juicing may be better than a trip to the ER due to blunt force pummeling of one’s cheek. I was correct. Oh, lets not forget the neti pot that almost worked. They should make extra large tips on those, or an adaptor for mega shotgun nostrils like mine! So far these treatments have done me some good and taken away the pressure and headache and pain, and for that I am very grateful to YOUTUBE and home remedies from around the world. I managed to make 4 wire crucifixes today and will be getting out to the shopola soon to make some more beautiful crucifixes for our Lord!

I am scheduled to participate in the ACC (Artists Celebrating Christ) in North Dakota and another Sacred art show in Illinois at about the same time. I plan on entering at least one of my higher end crucifixes in each and maybe a few smaller contemporary crucifixes also. I am excited to see how they do! I believe that God is working through me to make beautiful and meaningful art that all walks of Christians can appreciate and maybe even some seekers! After all, each of my crucifixes is engraved with John 12:32-33 “I will draw all men unto myself through my being lifted up from this earth, the way in which I will die”. How else can a lost soul be drawn unless they see the love that Christ has for them, mainly that He would die while we were yet sinners? Praise be to Jesus Christ, my only hope and yours.

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